[Workaround Marathon] Whiteboard and Document Recognition in Outline

Whiteboard recognition in Outline

We are receiving quite a pile of feature requests and trying to figure out how to improve the app for users. While the development team is working like cursed on the roadmap and urgent issues, we come up with a dozen of various workarounds.

For the sake of fairness in the galaxy, we are starting the Workaround Marathon: publishing the most useful tricks here, in Outline Blog.

Let’s start with whiteboard and document recognition.

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How to Sync Notes Across Devices without Clouds

Each platform brings its’ advantages.

Mac, with its’ physical keyboard, bigger screen, and speed – is good for powerful text input, table manipulations, and page list management. iPad, with its’ slick touch screen – is great for import from the web, annotating, and dragging things around a page. iPhone is for fast access and catching notes on the run.

Thus, having notes across devices – syncing – might sound like making sense, to get most of each platform. As a matter of tradition (and technology), syncing commonly supposes clouds involved. But what if clouds are not allowed by corporate network politics or personal reasons?

Sync is still possible.

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