Outline for Mac – Updates Today!


Hello Everyone! We are here today to make an announcement:

Outline for Mac v.2.0 is Released! Editing is Now Supportedbg-outline-mac

It’s been quite a long and uneasy road for all of us, however, our efforts are rewarded with tangible results. Outline for Mac steps to a new level and its functionality is getting stronger.


You can open and edit your existing notebooks. Your can create new notebooks and start something completely new with Outline for Mac. We also implemented SkyDrive support.


Outline tools are easy and intuitive. There is almost everything you need for extensive note-taking, no matter how complex your notes are. And moreover, Mac shortcuts, you are used to, are supported.


Outline for Mac is Safari friendly. Adding text and image clips from the Web is a matter of a moment. File attachments and photos can be added to complete your notes. Password protection is available to encrypt sensitive data.


One thing we devoted special attention to is Selection. We’ve been contemplating on making it more functional and convenient. As a result, it is done so that it is possible to modify the selected area without continuous reselecting objects! You should try it!



Please, find more details and instructions in the Getting Started notebook within the App.


That is our first, yet undoubtedly successful, launch of Outline Editor for Mac. There are great ideas and impressive plans of adding more useful features. We got excited and entirely involved into the process of development Outline and will keep on working with even more inspiration!


We are open to your suggestions and feature requests. Please let us know if you would like to see something implemented in future updates.


Hearty thanks to all of you who were with us, patiently waiting and supporting our team!christmas

Merry Christmas, Friends!



Great News from Mac App Store: Volume Purchase Available!

productshot (3)


If you use Mac applications for Business needs or for Educational purposes and would like to equip your team with awesome Mac apps in one click, you will like the new option provided by the Mac App Store: Volume Purchase is now available!


Employ mobile device management (MDM) solution or Profile Manger in OS X to distribute licenses and make your workforce more productive and efficient.

Learn more about volume purchase for Mac and iOS applications.


mac OutlineOutline for Mac is also available for volume purchase on the Mac App Store. As a Reader so far.

Outline Editor for Mac is being polished at the moment and will become available in December. We are excited about its release and would like to thank our customers for patience and support!

Stay tuned!

When Cloud is Not an Option




Dealing with sensitive private or business data one cannot afford using public cloud services as a backup and sync method.  Microsoft has invented a solution for corporations looking for opportunity to store and access data locally, without the necessity to upload documents to Web Sharing applications. SharePoint.


- Microsoft SharePoint Server is a unique system -

It acts as a central workspace for your project. You can store, sync and share all your files and collaborate with colleagues in real time. No one outside your working team has access to your corporate SharePoint Server. Your data is safe, up-to date and always available for you! Despite being a reliable repository for your data, SharePoint server can be used as discussion board or even Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Learn more about how you can organize your teams with SharePoint.


- Outline joins the SharePoint apps family -

Meet Outline v.2.7 and make your professional note-taking mobile and secure! Take advantage of Outline UI, intuitive structure and strong editing functionality to benefit your work. Your iPad, packed with Outline v.2.7, becomes an irreplaceable assistant in any project processing.


With Outline v.2.7 you can:

  • open your OneNote notebooks from SharePoint Server,
  • share Outline native notebooks to SharePoint Server,
  • edit notebooks and sync applied changes,
  • use handwriting and drawing tools,
  • work collaboratively on a notebook in real time.



- Did you know, that Box is an enterprise cloud? -

Convenient interface and rich functionality of web-based cloud storage – BOX – is aimed at business and enterprise use. In case if employing local server is not that critical for your company, Box will serve you best!

Learn more about Box for Business and for Enterprise IT.


- We respect your business -

Our Team is convinced that, equipped with a nice, convenient and modern tool like Outline, you will do more and better for the success of your undertaking. Outline functionality is at your disposal. Good luck!


UPDATE: Outline for iPad Version 2.6 Available on the App Store!

productshot (1)

First of all, our team would like to thank you – Outline users – for your concern and suggested improvements! We greatly rely on them while developing Outline and now we are eager to share the results of our recent work with you:


What’s inside the version 2.6? Meet new features! 

ios7- Compatibility with iOS 7 -

Upgraded to iOS 7? Like it a lot? Outline integrates with the new iOS. Enjoy updated Outline on your upgraded iPad. (UI design improvements coming in one of the next updates).


selection- Advanced Selection -

Select as much text as you want. Well, select ANYTHING you want. Cut, Copy and Paste content wherever you need!  No jokes! See here how it works.



- Sections Encryption -

Don’t want to unlock OneNote sections with sensitive data? Now you can open password protected OneNote section in Outline. Moreover, you can encrypt sections with Outline itself. One-touch. Try it! Demo video is here.


tags- Tags and Check Boxes -

Find OneNote tags convenient? Make them work for you in Outline. Find them on the text editing panel.



- New Ink Engine -

Beautiful, smooth and responsive inks, new drawing tool – marker. Now you can undo/redo inks creation and deletion.


Give this version a try and feel free to share your impressions with us!


P.S.: We were going to include SharePoint support into this edition, however, have realized that there are a few more things to be done about it. This sync option will be featured in the version 2.7 – our next release this autumn.